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"Thank you again for your help with my reconstructive dental implants, I'm doing great. The fit and color are perfect, and it's so comfortable to not have a partial bridge anymore. I really appreciate how you took the time to explain the process and treatment options to me, it was very reassuring. Thanks for taking such good care of me and my family."
— Karen S.
Everett, WA


"I was in a serious car accident a while back, and didn't realize that some of my molars had cracked on impact. Dr. Boriotti was able to see me right away, and explained what was needed immediately and what could wait. At a time when I needed it the most, it made such a difference knowing that he cares so much and is there for me."
— Kathy A.
Redmond, WA


"After I moved from Bothell to San Diego a few years ago, I tried several dentists, but ended up having some bad experiences. The worst was a botched root canal that left me in pain, needing more work. I decided that the only dentist I really trust is Dr. Boriotti, so I flew up to Seattle to have him get my teeth back into good condition. He and his staff have done such a great job for me over the years that I still fly up from San Diego whenever I need my regular cleanings of dental work."
— Beverly D.
San Diego, WA


"I had some snoring and teeth grinding issues that were bothering me for quite a while. It got to the point that I needed to get something done. Dr. Boriotti helped me by custom-fiting a snore guard to fix both problems, and it made a big difference. I've been going to Dr. Boriotti for nearly 20 years, and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else."
— Steve T.
Keyport, WA


"When I was 13, I damaged my front tooth badly enough that it died and turned gray. I never smiled in photos and didn't want to smile when I laughed. I got engaged last year, and decided that I couldn't go to my wedding without smiling. Dr. Boriotti did a fantastic job of crowning my front tooth. The shape and color match are excellent. The big moment for me was when my wedding photographer told me I have a 'million dollar smile.' Getting my smile back was truly life-changing."
— Doug B.
Bothell, WA


"I'd definitely recommend Dr. Boriotti. My family has been going to him since he opened his office in 1981, and he's been absolutely wonderful. Everyone on his staff is always friendly and cheerful, and they make me feel very welcome. I especially appreciate the great work Dr. Boriotti has done for me. I recently had some of my old fillings replaced with composite fillings. My teeth look so natural now that I feel a lot more confident when I smile."
— Janice O.
Kenmore, WA

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